Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to EXPERIENCE a career? How does this experience help me decide on a career

We have designed programs that mimic the actual work at any career field. Our mentors are professionals in their respective fields and have designed each of our programs based on their real-life experience. We enable you to do the tasks that these professionals do at their jobs. Each program is a sum of 4-6 tasks that represent ~70% of the actual work on the job. Each task is an activity that you need to do - for example an excel analysis, recording a video, writing a report, etc. Our programs are inspired from Experiential Learning concepts.
By experiencing a career, you will get an inside view into what the work actually looks like. According to Deloitte, 80% of people are unhappy at their jobs and this is because people don't realise what these jobs actually entail. We want to help you realise the true nature of work before deciding on a career. Further our Affinity forms help you interospect and realise your true passion

How is EdVision Labs different from traditional career counseling options?

While we employ traditional career counseling tools, like personality tests and affinity forms, our main service is allowing students to actually experience the different work at jobs. We help you make an informed decision by living a day in the life of different careers. We are complementary to traditional career counseling

Is this an online program (or) Do I need to go to a classroom or location?

All our programs are 100% online. We want to ensure that students get access to our programs irrespective of where they are located and so that you can experience our programs from anywhere

Is this a seminar or video lecture?

Absolutely not! We belive in experiencing everything. You wouldn't decide to keep a T Shirt without trying it on first so why decide a career before trying them out. When you sign up for our programs you will get your hands dirty and actually do the work

Who are the mentors? Are there live sessions/ workshops?

Our mentors are working professionals who are actually doing the job for the career paths that they designed. This ensures that all the tasks in our programs are authentic and truly represent the work on ground. There are no live sessions since our mentors are working professionals. This is a trade off we accepted - working professionals will not be able to provide live classes. But who would you rather have design your program - teachers or actual professionals.

How much time commitment do I need to give to this program?

Each of our programs require 6-8 hours to complete. The idea is to provide you a 'Day in the Life' experience. Since working days on the job are ~8 hours, each of our programs is designed to take that much time. That being said you do not need to sit for 8 hours at a stretch. You have the flexibility to start or stop at any time and later pick up where you left off

When does the program start and finish?

The programs are available online 24/7 * 365. You can access them at any time, any day. There is no start or finish date

For how long can I access the content on the programs?

You will be able to access each program till you complete all tasks. Since our programs are designed to provide career advise, after you complete the program you won't be able to access it. However we will provide the affinity and career report which you can access forever

Is this only for commerce students?

Our programs are designed to give you a glimpse of the work in different career paths and so anyone exploring these careers should take up our programs. The programs are career focused and not education focused, so your education background doesn't matter as long as you are interested in the career paths we cover. Moreover, ~30% of engineering students also get opportunities in these career fields and so should definitely explore our programs

How old do I need to be to sign up for these programs?

Most students that sign up tend to be in classes 9, 10, 11, 12 or college - basically anyone who hasn't started working yet. Our programs have been designed keeping in mind the difficulty level for school students

How can I access the programs on the website?

What if I don't like the product (or) don't get the results I wanted?

Based on our existing members who have already joined and started to discover their dream career, we think you are going to love what we've created­! But of course, we realize it can't be a perfect fit for everyone. At EdVision Labs we believe you should only pay for the things that actually get you results. So, if you go through the full course, do all the tasks and are not satisfied (for any reason), we will refund the whole course. We highly recommend that you complete each program completely and explore atleast 2 career paths so that you get a holistic experience. If for any reason you don't gain value from this program, just shoot us an email at: and we will provide you personal support and/or refund your purchase.